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Environmental Commitment

The Wrenhouse vision is to be good to our earth, and each other. 


Wrenhouse is a “green” house.  Since 2015 we have been incorporating renewable energy into the running of our home and business.  Drawing heat from the earth, our geothermal heating system is accompanied by a 10kw solar array which provides all of the energy used to create our products.  
  Our packaging and product displays are reusable,  recyclable, and biodegradable, and all orders are shipped using recycled materials when possible.
 We strive to incorporate earth-friendly solutions into our business practices, and are always open to new ideas and suggestions…we welcome your feedback!

About Wrenhouse

With a vision to create unique quality gifts that are affordably priced and ethically produced, Vermont artist Jenny Wren formed Wrenhouse in 2005 with a small line of nature-inspired handcrafted jewelry and illustrated note cards.  Over the years the products, labels, and displays were designed and developed by Jenny, and the line has grown to include her All-Natural small batch lip balms, which are now our top-selling product here at Wrenhouse.

Our delicious and smooth “Beak Balms” contain only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, as nature intended.

We never use any artificial colorants, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, preservatives, toxic chemicals, or other synthetic (and otherwise unpronounceable!) ingredients.


About Jenny Wren

My love of the natural world and us creatures fuels my creativity.  Sculpting in miniature, and drawing and painting my interpretations is a joy that I've been fortunate to share professionally since 2005 when Wrenhouse was hatched . 

Wrenhouse is my “day job”, what pays the bills and allows me to live as an artist in this world.  

I enjoy hiking, cycling, singing, dancing, swimming, playing crazy German card games, and making creative messes!

It is my hope and vision to create with passion, thoughtfulness, and joy, and to share in this spirit with you.  And I hope to make you smile! (and nourish your lips as you do!)

Thank you for your support of my art and business!

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